• Newage H22D Reflector (toy colours) Set of 3 

    Height: 7.6 cms / 3"




    The Newage H22D Rear Window surveillance squad features three 3-inch-tall transforming figures that combine to form a camera. The figures feature a click sound effect and a flash light effect (battery required, not included) and include a bonus flash accessory. 


    Product Features

    • 3 inches (7.6cm)
    • Made of plastic
    • 3 Figures transform and combine to form a camera
    • Light and sound effects require AG8 391A LR120H battery (not included)
    • Includes a bonus flash accessory


    Box Contents

    • 3 H22D Rear Window figures
    • 3 Blasters
    • Camera lens
    • Bonus flash accessory

    Newage H22D Rear Window Transformers Legends Reflector (Toy) Set of 3

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