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  • Transformers Reactivate Starscream Vs Bumblebee


    Starscream vs Bumblebee 2-Pack is part of the Transformers Generations toyline of Transformers figures.  Transformers Generations Starscream vs Bumblebee 2-Pack is Voyager Class scaled, stands 6.5-inches tall in robot mode and taransforms from Jet to robot and back. 

    Transformers War for Cybertron is a video game officially licensed by Hasbro that features many G1 Transformers Characters.  Each figure in the Transformers Generations Fall for Cybertron toyline is faithfully recreated as an action figure based on the designs in the video game franchise.

    Transformers Generations was the first collectors focused toyline that focuses on recreating many older Transformers Toys as well as new characters, as well as celebrated the anniversary of the brand.  The Transformers Generations Toyline debuted in 2010 and continues its new product release.

    Transformers Reactivate Starscream Vs Bumblebee

    • This is UK stock and will usually ship within 1-2 working days and tracking or proof of postage will be uploaded once shipped.


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