• X-Transbots  MX-8T  Aegis

    Height: 20.32cm / 8''




    This is XTB' version of G1 Trailbreaker in cartoon colours.


    - Clear light blue tinted window
    - Clear car lights
    - Rubber tires
    - Shining polished car shell
    - Back of robot can be loaded with MP27 Ironhide rocket pack (sold separately)
    - Improved shoulder joints (rotatable 360 degrees)
    - Cartoon color variant
    - Metallic finish
    - Instructions may or may not include English translation

    - Aegis
    - Car loaded satellite
    - Shoulder cannon emitting wave effect clear piece
    - Replacement wrist missile launcher
    - Three mouth wrist gun
    - Toy head as bonus 
    - 3 Face plates
    - 3 Wood pieces (with tiny cups)
    - 2 Wrist MP weapon adapters (For MP30 Ratchet weapon accessory)
    - Bio card
    - Instruction manual

    X-Transbots XTB MX8T Aegis Transformers Masterpiece Trailbreaker

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