About PrimeTimeToyz

PrimeTimeToyz was established in April 2018, when the founder decided to transition his hobby collecting Transformers into trading.


The business started by selling products on eBay, including second-hand goods picked up on sales groups or in job lots.  It then expanded into importing products for sale into the UK and EU markets and developed a private buyers club made up of over 250 members. 


Whilst there were expansion plans, these have been shelved following Brexit and rising import costs.  The private group has now closed and the business is a more traditional model – simply selling what is in UK stock.  It has expanded a little to include a small selection of other products.


Please note that the owner runs two jobs, so won’t be able to reply to messages instantly.  We do not offer “news” and cannot reply to messages asking about release schedules.  We only offer products for sale once the stock is in hand (or occasionally once paid and incoming). 


We have chosen to avoid a pre-order service, as we appreciate that once we are holding your money, we have a duty to keep you informed and answer questions – and we simply don’t have the time for that and hope you understand.     

Whats our goal

The staff at PrimeTimeToyz are collectors themselves, and have been looking after a group of 250 regular buyers since 2018.  Our goal is to bring products to the UK market that are often out of stock or hard to find here.


We are VAT registered and pay a lot of taxes, add in the fact we're also a small operation and don't have the buying power of the bigger companies.  We therefore can't offer the prices that bigger companies offer - but we will dispatch products quickly and stock products for the UK market that are hard to find here.