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We are a UK based company, all items ship from the UK and we now only ship to the UK due to complexities with taxes on international shipping. 


Each order has STANDARD shipping calculated before checkout:


  • Orders under 2kg's cost £4.99.

  • Orders over 2kg's cost £8.99.


For all our postal options we use Royal Mail “Tracked” where possible, but will use UPS for larger items.  We normally ship daily and products are usually dispatched and dropped into the shipping system within 24 hours of payment. 


If you live in another country, we may be able to ship directly to you, but there will be excess shipping charges payable, in addition to local taxes.  Shipping to the EU directly is not an option due to Brexit. There may be alternatives available please message us for information.


With our STANDARD grade the products will be packed well, but we DO NOT offer a “mint in box” service as STANDARD. 

We cannot guarantee that damage will not happen in transit and we will not be held liable for any minor box damage that occurs in transit. 

If you are a MIB COLLECTOR, then we would recommend that you choose our COLLECTORS grade shipping, which will cost £3 more but will be securely packed to provide the best chance possible of it arriving with you in the same condition that we ship it.

Where we have multiple items of stock we will choose the best one available, however for one-offs, pre-owned or final stock items we cannot guarantee a MINT box.


If you choose COLLECTOR grade shipping and minor box damage occurs in transport we will accept the sealed item back for a full refund. 


As a policy we cannot offer exchanges.  Transformers (official and third party) are renowned for mixed quality control, and if toys were shipped out and returned until the perfect one was found, then the business would fold from shipping (and return shipping) costs and be left with excess used/open returned stock which must be sold at a lower cost.


Therefore the stock is all new and is sold in good faith, same as it is received from the manufacturers and distributers.  As you’ll appreciate PrimeTimeToyz does not make these products, and have no control over QC. 


In terms of problems – we cannot assist with box damage or paint imperfections.  Scratches, chips or overspills will not be considered as faulty by the manufacturers and will not be replaced.  If the manufacturers cannot (or will not) support, then we cannot assume their responsibility of support.     


Where there is a genuine fault, that is in our power to rectify, we will require high resolution photographs, and a description of the problem that we can pass onto the manufacturer.  Please note that we cannot, and will not, act as an aftersales function where you have purchased the products elsewhere. 


The aftersales process can be a long one, and usually takes a couple of months.  Parts may ship direct to you (from China) and there will not usually be any instruction on fitting etc. 


In summary please keep in mind that we do not officially represent these companies, and simply sell the stock that people are looking for in the UK.  Most of the products are not licenced, and PrimeTimeToyz are not recompensed for faulty products by the manufacturers – i.e. it is us who are hit for the time and financial costs.  If these costs become unbearable, it becomes pointless trading and the business will simply close, removing another option from the UK market.  


The staff at PrimeTimeToyz are also collectors, so trust me when we say that we understand and feel your pain!  But we ask that you understand we’re in this together – without buyers there are no sellers, but it works the other way too. 


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