General Information

Pre-Order Items 

We no longer offer a pre-order service.  Too much time was taken up with messages asking for updates, and the reality is most stock is late and the manufacturers don't provide the sellers with updates.  We know that once we take your money, it is our job to provide this information - hence we have decided not to offer this service.

Also, the toys take so long to make and the release schedule is fluid at best.  Its becoming more common for manufacturers to change the prices at the last minutes, and we don't want to be in a position where we cannot commit to a price, or worse have to come back asking for more.

We will therefore only add stock to the website for sale when it is either in hand, or we are certain it will be with us soon and the prices are fixed.  We will tag such stock as "coming soon" allowing you to keep an eye on it. 

Limited Availability

For some limited release items we reserve the right to restrict the purchase of one item per account or delivery address.  This is common for FansToys releases, and other brands where they deliberately limit production runs and our ability to acquire stock.

Cancellation Fees

Please note that there are both time and financial costs (such as non-refundable PayPal fees) associated with cancelled orders.  Any cancellations will be subject to an administration charge of 5% used to offset these costs. 

Please note, charges will not be imposed when the stock cannot be fulfilled, and a full refund will be given. 


PrimeTimeToyz runs as a voucher programme and will issue discount codes at various points in the year.

We recommend that you follow our Facebook page, as any voucher will be advertised there, as well as other places.