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  • FansToys FT -32B Wright Transformers Masterpiece Scrapper


    Est. Release Date: Late 2024


    Limited to two per customer for the time being.


    Please note that this is a pre-order post, and the exact price is not yet known. We are paying these in US$, and with a release date well into 2024 we cannot commit to prices as the exchange rates and shipping prices are too fluid.


    Batch 1 will be released first but will cost more (likely £10-£15 more).

    Batch 2 which will follow latter, usually around 3-4 weeks.

    FansToys FT -32B Wright Transformers Masterpiece Scavenger

    • This is UK stock and will usually ship within 1-2 working days and tracking or proof of postage will be uploaded once shipped.


      If you are an international buyer, please contact us to discuss shipping options.

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