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  • TFC Toys STC-01P Icewolf Transformers Masterpiece

    Est. Release Date: Q3 2024


    The STC-01P Icewolf from TFC Toys stands around 9.4 inches tall in robot made and transforms into a heavily armored vehicle.

    Packaging Contents

    1 x STC-01P Icewolf Figure

    1 x Scount Tank

    1 x Laser Cannon

    1 x Hyper Mode Armor

    1 x Nuclear Warhead

    1 x Multi-funtion Missle Launcher

    2 x Cruise Missle

    4 x Mini Rocket

    2 x Reactive-Armor

    2 x Shot Cannon

    2 x Fuel Tank

    2 x Missle Holder

    1 x Missle Connector


    Figure stands 9.4" tall in robot mode.

    TFC Toys STC-01P Icewolf Transformers Masterpiece

    • This is UK stock and will usually ship within 1-2 working days and tracking or proof of postage will be uploaded once shipped.


      If you are an international buyer, please contact us to discuss shipping options.

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